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Pangu MAC 1.0.0 download Pangu 8

So much happy day for Pangu users, Pangu embed with Cydia Installer, also English users can download English version. Pangu Team hope to release MAC version recently for all jailbreak lovers. Most users not like to install Cydia with third party application. Actually Pangu 1.0.1 version released for developers and some few of jailbreak users faced with bugs. Most of the identified bugs fixed with Pangu 1.1 version. Also Pangu 1.2 update fixed with another few users happened bugs. Now Pangu is ready with English and Chinese languages. We can list all the guides as follows to our loving users.

If you already jailbreak your device with earlier versions, Please update for Cydia. These users do not need to re-jailbreak their devices. Other users use above download link.

Pangu 1.2.1

Pangu 1.2 Update

Pangu Update 1.1

Instructions for Pangu 8 Latest users

Pangu Jailbreak process failed, because OTA update

If you update your device via Over the Air, these users unable to jailbreak. So please download latest firmware and restore your device again. You can use Pangu restore function for restore process.

About Warning Disk almost full

This message will not damage your device. This is causing because Pangu is write important files in your system partition. If Cydia installed properly, do not worry with these messages. This message will be disappear when system files are re-arranged.

Delete file “” or disable”

This file is important for reboot your device. If you delete or disable this file, your unable to reboot device.

How to Use Pangu 8 for jailbreak your device

I Failed Pangu jailbreak process.. What can I do..

Follow Me to verify Pangu 8 jailbreak process before Run program with your PC.

Credits and Thanks

    Team members of (@PanguTeam)

    @ogc557 @windknown @zengbanxian @INT80_pangu @Daniel_K4